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Friday, July 28, 2006

7266 - Third time's a charm

Toronto, ON

Today we have been at the catch out most of the day. There has been absolutely no eastbound traffic yet. Apparently we missed the 104 this morning due to a late night with the local kids.I just went on a dumpster run at the local grocery and came back with two loaves of bread, three jars of jam and various other stuff. Also stopped by the local fire station and got water. The firemen are super friendly over there. Josh & Cricket are at the library and it's now 5PM. The damned Go Train speeds by here taunting me every 30-40 minutes and making a nuiscance of itself.

Josh shows up eventually with an astonishing amount of food that he has collected for us. Almost all of it is organic. We sit down to feast on hummus, cheese, salsa, tempeh and apple juice amongst other things. Afterwards we lounge around for hours to digest before the 104 shows up again, this time at 9:30PM. Finally it's on time and now the patron saint of hobos shines his grace upon us once again, for the train stops in front of us with rides galore.
After being here for this long it feels really good climbing into the back of a 48. The anticipation is palpable as we wait for that monumental forward jerk of motion signifying that we are indeed on our way. Standing here, reminds me of waiting in line at the carnival for that special ride where one might observe people getting sick in the corners after getting off. This same ride would also have a shifty group of guys at the base of it waiting for some grift to fall out of the sky in the form of a wallet, jewelry, or simply loose change. All the while little kids are smearing their faces with cotton candy and chocolate in anticipation of getting on the big one...

Two minutes later we're rolling east out of greater Toronto and on to Montreal, some 380 miles away. This train wastes no time in getting up to speed. Under the cloak of night we roar thru clanging crossing gates and over eight lane freeways that are glistening from a light rain. The traffic is heavy and looking out over the highways I can imagine what the thousands of people before me are doing in their cars. It's certainly a moment I have lived through a hundred times before while on the opposite end of my current reality. With speeds of 65 MPH+ we'll be in Montreal around 5AM tomorrow. After a few hours of enjoying the ride we say goodnight and roll out for a good nights sleep.


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