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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

7156 - Idyllic Idle


It is about 5PM I’m guessing, I have not bothered to tend time today. I’m hoping to catch a stacktrain here that may go as far as Toronto. A girl just walked by with her dog. If she even saw me, she just ignored me.
The place I am in is a beautiful little meadow maybe 30 acres in size. The rail line is to my right, a highway goes in front of me, and the main drag of Jasper is right behind me. The grass is knee high and there are very tall spruce trees dotting the landscape every 20-30 feet. Weather has been good, hi 50’s and a slight breeze with sunshine. Occasionally a squall will roll through, sprinkling me with rain. They are so small as not to be of any consequence though. In the 20+ hours I have been here, eastbound traffic has been sparse. There has been one set of stacks thru thus far but it had nothing rideable within reach. I was half tempted to hop a junker that came screeching in right behind it, but the Canadian grainers are not as well appointed as their U.S. counterparts in terms of comfort so I let this one go. Overall, CN seems to have older equipment, yet they run their trains at least twice as efficiently as say Uncle Pete (Union Pacific) back in the states.
Anyway, patience here will meter out greater dividends in the end.


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